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Piping for your wedding

The Highland Bagpipe is an excellent way enrich your wedding and make a truly memorable touch that you and your guests are sure to remember. I have played for many weddings and each one is unique, but each one wonderful in it's own way. The pipes can be used to play stately marches as processionals and recessionals, or to play lively, welcoming music for guests as they arrive to the event. Lively dance style music such as hornpipes, jigs, and reels are perfect for the wedding reception. You choose just how the pipes should be used at your wedding, and I can work with you to make recommendations. Below I have some information on how the pipes might be used at your wedding, and a few sample tunes.

These are some tunes popular for weddings.

Before the Ceremony

Placing a bagpiper outside of the location of the ceremony is a great way to welcome your guests. Because the bagpipes are so powerful, they also serve as a musical beacon, guiding guests towards the ceremony. Stately marches and slow airs are perfect for this.

Processional & Recessional

Whether in a church, in a garden, or on the beach, the pipes will help you make a wonderful appearance as you join your future spouse. A stately march is most appropriate for the processional.

A lively tune, such as the Highland Wedding, as the bagpiper leads you out will make a powerful exit to mark your new lives.

Before the Reception

In the same way the piper welcomed and guided guests to the ceremony, the piper can do the same at the reception hall. The piper will play lively dance tunes, such as hornpipes, reels, and jigs. The change of tune style is an excellent way to musically represent a change in atmosphere from the elegant ceremony, to the more lively reception.

Arrival of the Couple at the Reception

The piper will play a lively tune to lead the couple into the reception. There is no better way to say "here we are" than a bagpiper leading you into your reception!

Questions? Michael is always available by phone or email to guide you with incorporating the Great Highland Bagpipe into your wedding.

If you are interested in a tune you don't see here, ask me about it. My repetoire is much more extensive than what is listed on this website.


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