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Scottish Smallpipes - a more refined sound

The best way to understand a scottish smallpipe is to listen to one, so take a listen while you read further:

More mellow and refined than the Great Highland Bagpipe, the Scottish Smallpipe purveys a sound unmatched by any other instrument. The instrument is tuned an octave below the Highland Bagpipe and is much quieter, making it well suited to indoor events where a Highland Bagpipe would be too loud. Any tune that can be played on the Highland Bagpipe can also be played on the smallpipe.

Smallpipes are one of a few key instruments one is likely to hear at a Scottish ceilidh (party). Tuning in the key of A, the smallpipes are easily played with other instruments such as a fiddle, guitar, bodhran (drum) and other pipes. The pipes may need a microphone depending on the room size.

Here are some ideas of appropriate events for smallpipes:

  • Wedding reception: as guests arrive and during dinner
  • Church services
  • Memorial services
  • St. Patrick's day performances
  • Piping concerts


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