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Adding a Touch of Class and Culture

Formal Dining

A time for fun, socializing, and tradition, formal dinners are an excellent way to build strong relationships. A bagpiper is a tradition at formal dinners dating back to over a century ago in the British Empire and is used at various times throughout the night. I have experience piping for many military and civilian dinners, so rest assured I can help you with how to employ a piper or with other issues or questions about the formal mess night. The following is how the pipes are most typically employed at a formal dinner:

  • 15 and 5 Minute Warning Calls: At 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior the serving dinner, the piper will play short, up-tempo hornpipes and jigs to warn the officers and guests that dinner will be served shortly. For Navy formal mess nights, I play Crossing the Minch and the Sailor's Hornpipe for warning calls.
  • Piping In the Head Table: The piper will play a stately, complex time march while leading the honoraries and their guests to the head table.
  • Piping In the Beef: Following the first course, the piper will lead in the chef and the roast beef with the tune Roast Beef of Olde England.

Please contact me with any questions you may have. Please also refer to this page for more information about piping for formal dinners:

Retirement Ceremonies and Parties

The bagpipes are a great way to honor the end of a career and the transition to a new part of life. I have played for military and civilian retirements, and while each is unique, all have been wonderful occasions. Typically the bagpipes are used in the following way:

  • March the retiree and guests into the ceremony. The piper will usually play a tune of the retiree's choice. I typically recommend a stately, complex time march typical of those used to honor people and mark events throughout history.
  • Play for the departure of the retiree and guests. The piper will play tunes of the retiree's choice; I can also make recommendations. For military retirements, the service tune of the retiree's branch provides a highly appropriate and dignified departure after a great career.

I can certainly honor any other requests you might have or make more recommendations. Please contact me with any questions.

Golf Tournaments and Outings

Having a piping wandering the greens at sunrise, while the golfers are arriving and warming up, is just the right start for a fantastic day of golf. I like to begin with a series of slow airs, namely The Dawning of the Day, continue with a medley of marches, then a set of complex time marches and finally a set of hornpipes and jigs. I then finish up my playing with Amazing Grace before the first group tees off.

Ceilidh's, Celebrations, and St. Patrick's Day

The liveliness of the bagpipe has been a cornerstone of ceilidhs--traditional Gaelic gatherings--and celebrations for centuries. There is no better way to wow your guests and provide cheerful entertainment than a few reels, jigs, and hornpipes from an experienced bagpiper.

I have extensive experience with dance tunes and a large repetoire that will keep the fun going. These are some of my favorite sets to play.

Bagpipe Lessons

I am not currently instructing. However, I would be happy to help set you up with an instructor in the area or help you find an instructor in another area.

Performing on St. Patrick's Day 2013 with Wake & District Pipes & Drums in Raleigh, NCWith officers of the USS McFaul at their Dining-In in Norfolk, VA.


nWith Wake and District Pipe Band at the Elon University School of Law Graduation in 2013. In am in the front on the left.

n2Playing for the Susan G. Komen Race in Virginia Beach, Virginia.