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Honoring those that have gone before us


Honoring Officer Jason Crisp and K9 Maros with the Amazing Grace solo at the St. Patrick's Day celebration in Raleigh, NC. 2014.

Competing in the grade 2 Piobaireachd at the Scotland County Highland games while being judged by  PM Sandy Jones.


For our Fallen.

The Highland Bagpipe has long been used to commemorate the lives of beloved family and friends. Modern requests are typically for the tune Amazing Grace. It is a wonderful tune in and of itself, but when played on the Great Highland Bagpipe the tune evokes the deepest of emotions. The traditional scottish lament, The Flowers of the Forest, is a 400 year old tune that was, and still is, used to mark the death of a fallen soldier. The tune holds a certain superstition and reverence making it perhaps one of the most powerful tunes to honor our loved ones. The Mist Covered Mountains of Home is another powerful, solemn tune that was played at the funeral for President Kennedy.

Some tunes appropriate for funerals and memorials.

The pipes can be utilized in various ways at a funeral, whether as part of the service or at the graveside. I can discuss recommendations as necessary, and I would be happy to honor requests. If you are interested in a tune you don't see here, ask me about it. My repetoire is much more extensive than what is listed on this website.

Standard Military Honors Format: Having worked with numerous military honor guards, I have developed and use this format to honor the fallen serviceman, and to abide by the requirements and requests set forth by the honor guards. This procedure is my recommendation, and can be modified at the request of the family provided that the request does not interfere with the requirements of the military honor guard.

  • While the casket is moved from the hearse to graveside, from the point when the head body bearer renders the salute until the parade rest order is given, I play Flowers of the Forest.
  • After the flag is presented and salute rendered, I play Amazing Grace three times through, walking away from the graveside such that the music fades in the distance.

The Flowers of the Forest is, perhaps, one of the great tunes of Scotland. The tune is a lament for the thousands of Scottish soldiers, nobles, and King James IV who perished at the Battle of Flodden fought against England. Due to the reverence of the tune, it is only played in public at a funeral or memorial for members of the Armed Forces.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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