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For love of the music.

With years of performance and competition experience, Michael has learned what makes the highest quality performances. He takes pride in playing a well maintained and well tuned bagpipe that ensures a top notch musical performance each and every time. Michael is ranked in the top 23 percent of all pipers on the East Coast.

Michael has performed on stage with six-time Grammy Award winning band, The Chieftains; for Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen, and Airmen; admirals and generals of all five military branches; senators, mayors, and other public officials; dozens of weddings and funerals; and numerous formal mess nights. Visit the links titled Funerals, Weddings, and Other Events for more information.

Some of the pipers Michael has learned from and played with include: Jerry Finegan, Dan Lyden, John MacDonald of Toronto, John Sprague, Ken McKeveny, Bill Logan, Colin MacLellan, and Greg Abbot.

Throughout his piping career, Michael has played with the City of Washington Pipe Band, grade 1, of Washington, D.C.; NC State University Pipe Band, grade 3, of Raleigh, NC; Rosie O'Grady Highlanders of Orlando, Fl; and numerous other bands on the East Coast. Michael has competed in, and won, many solo competitions up to the grade 2 level. He currently plays and competes with the Wake & District Pipe Band, grade 3, of Raleigh, NC.

For more information on the how to assess the skill level of a piper, and the involved qualifications, please visit my Choosing a Piper page.

oCompeting with the Grade 1 City of Washington Pipe Band in Glasgowlands, MA.



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